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Upward Spirals

We are deeply driven to help bring humanity back into balance with our ecosystem for the benefit of all life. We believe humans have the responsibility and opportunity to [...]

Diamante Valley Solution Center

Welcome! You've made it to the heart of Costa Rica. Let us bring you on an expressive tour into one of the most beautiful and rejuvenating places on the planet; [...]

Farm of Life

Take a Vacation for your Health... Thrive on nutritious raw food, vegan and vegetarian foods. Practice Yoga from a heavenly platform. Be thrilled by eco-adventures. Hike to epic waterfalls. Swim [...]

Mastering Freedom

Welcome to Mastering Freedom! We offer you the guidance, tools and inspiration to live a live of Freedom in body, mind and spirit.

Vida Auténtica

Vida Autentica is a non profit organization dedicated to teaching techniques of organic food production, economic development, and health education to communities in Costa Rica. Our goal is for [...]

Living Space

Ecological design is our key to including the incredible natural beauty  of Costa Rica in a living space while creating a comfortable and safe home. We design around our [...]

Diamante Vista

Diamante Vista Wellness & Detox Retreat, located in the magnificent Diamante Valley, is a place for you to immerse yourself in nature and receive guidance with regenerative detoxification. Harness [...]

Orgánicos Sam

Organic agriculture and handcrafted products, fresh, GMO-free, at your service. We care about your health and the environment.

Airborne Arts

Welcome to Airborne Arts, a paradise in Costa Rica offering accommodations, classes, and retreats in aerial artistry, flying trapeze, yoga and more. We overlook a 600 foot waterfall, the [...]

SomerTime Inn

Cleanse your soul with fresh pristine mountain air. Embrace the Zen of our unique natural environment SomerTime Inn is a bungalow guest home nestled on a 60 hectare organic farm [...]

Orpheus B

Orpheus welcomes you to experience his unique healing gifts. He operates in the healing realms of natural medicine, and Intuitive healing. Orpheus is a spiritual guide and teacher. He uses many different [...]

Pacific Journeys

Day trips, rappelling, and overnight tours of Baru and Diamante waterfalls. Whether you seek exhilarating adventures amidst massive waterfalls or peaceful hikes through pristine rain forests, we have what [...]

Baru Falls

One of the falls is forty-five meters high in free fall and the other, twenty meters high with a tiered fall, forming at the bottom a 1,000 square meter [...]


In the mountainous interior of Costa Rica’s dynamic Southern Pacific coast sits Solfeggio, a magical retreat Sanctuary rich in wildlife, where one senses the awe-inspiring scale and magnitude of nature, [...]


Delicious seed/nut-based vegan cheeses made with the best possible local and organic ingredients. Find us at Feria Organica Tinamaste on Tuesday mornings and select retail stores.

Mystic Heart Sacred Cacao Ceremonies

Mystic Heart ♥ Cacao Tribe invites you on a multidimensional journey into the ecstatic and transformative power of cacao. Using a euphoria-inducing, heart-opening, cathartic, love-drenched cacao elixir as the [...]

Finca Ipe

Finca Ipe is located near the lovely surfer hub Dominical just 15 min up the road in the mountains on the way to San Isidro. Along this road you [...]