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Upward Spirals

Diamante Valley, Costa Rica

We are deeply driven to help bring humanity back into balance with our ecosystem for the benefit of all life. We believe humans have the responsibility and opportunity to act as conservators and enhancers of nature. The goal of our projects is not to avoid environmental catastrophe, but rather to walk a more beautiful path into an uncertain future. Whether our ecosystem fails to support human life in decades or continues for millennia, we will build together a society worthy of the incredible beauty that surrounds us. In doing so we will maximize our chances of successful environmental outcomes, and we will live with hope, integrity and a deep gratitude for our interconnection.


We are now growing an organization that will contribute to the greatest, most strategic and well organized environmental movement yet advanced. Our skills in strategic planning, finance, marketing, critical thinking, systems thinking, project management and knowledge management are notably needed in the environmental movement. Since work began about two years ago, Upward Spirals has created and begun implementation of several ways to transformatively impact the efficacy of environmental leadership and education. In order to achieve our immense goal, we are focused on creating models, tools and systems that can greatly extend our reach.


Our declining systems can be redesigned and replaced, just as they were once created and implemented, and the need to do so is unequivocal. If we align, unite, and collaborate around our shared desire for a better future, we can fix old systems where possible, and more frequently, build new biomimetic systems that reflect and embody our ecologically aligned values and characteristics of integrity, interconnection, collaboration, diversity, adaptability, resilience, synergy and efficiency.


We have identified and are working on several needs to catalyze an effective environmental movement. There is a need for simplification of complex, systemic sustainability issues and solutions, including realistic, desirable paths to implementation. Our leaders, our organizations and our movement must embody the values of the new paradigm we are creating. We must focus on strategic organization and prioritization of systemic solutions over fixing symptoms. We need rapid, effective knowledge management and transfer within and across organizations. We need to efficiently implement localized, cooperative, sharing economies and build the infrastructure to facilitate and encourage the behaviors and values of the new paradigm.

We are effective because we are positive, hopeful, solutions focused, driven and we extend our sphere of love and influence to surround more than just ourselves. Together we will co-create the changes we know the world needs. We are honored to work with you and our growing team to guide humanity back into balance with nature.

If you believe in the importance of this work, please share our posts and our newsletters with your network. And if you feel called to personally get involved, check out our How you can help page, and fill the skills and interests survey so we can help you find where the intersection of your abilities and your passions can best advance the environmental movement.

“The mind that perceives the limitation is the limitation” - Buddha

We are building the most powerful knowledge and collaboration tools possible to magnify the efforts of all projects working to bring humanity back into balance with nature.

Upward Spirals teaches people how to better work together and how to create healthy, sustainable communities. Through upgrading our economic and food systems, we can do a better job providing for the needs of people and nature. By empowering cooperative sharing economies we are assisting people to successfully carry out alternative methods of living enriching, sustainable lifestyles.

Our mission is to increase the efficacy of environmental leadership and education via facilitating collaboration, resource sharing, and skills development.

We believe that by working effectively together, and sharing our knowledge and resources with each other, our entire movement can be much more impactful. So we focus on building tools and systems that make it easy for us to work together on projects and that help us learn from each other. These tools assist worldchanging projects and communities to maximize their efficiency in order to collaboratively create the future we want to see; a more healthy , thriving , and regenerative society for ourselves and generations to come.

We provide workshops, think tank services, strategic, financial and marketing advisory services to catalyze leadership efficacy in sustainability. We are spreading knowledge of best practices, facilitating strategic partnerships, and advancing systemic thinking across the environmental movement.

We are designing a self-replicating training center that will train educators, leaders, activists, organizers and students in the skills needed to most effectively advance sustainability. Deeply synergistic these centers will make protecting critical ecosystems profitable and will advance more than a dozen critical sustainability goals.

We are achieving our mission and objectives by inviting passionate, talented, caring, helpers to the team as fast as we can grow. We are building a network of experts and teachers with system-changing ideas and empowering them with the resources, technologies, knowledge capital and support infrastructure to implement them. We have started building a Solution Implementation Engine; a free online tool that will quickly help people learn about the systemic challenges we face, build skills they need to address them on multiple levels, and give them the resources, organizational efficiency and strategic direction they need to create real change.

Ultimately, we are advancing systemic thinking throughout the sustainability transition, and building the collaborative networks that are needed to effectively reduce our species’ impact on the planet. The end goal of our projects is a globally networked, mutually supportive, open-source, self-replicating team of passionate world changers operating the most powerful sustainability project management and skills development tool ever made.

“I don’t want to protect the environment, I want to create a world where the environment doesn’t need protecting.” - Unknown

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